APRIL 11-12 | Weekend COVID-19 LST Report

APRIL 11-12 | Weekend COVID-19 LST Report

This weekend in review:

1. COVID-19 continues to disproportionally affect the underserved and the aging population while children and pregnant women seem to harbor no increased mortality risk.

2. Aerosol concentration of viral particles seem to travel much further than 1.5m.

3. Previously encouraging notions of releasing seroconverted individuals back to work seem problematic as new studies show that patients continue to shed viral particles until well after they have seroconverted.

4. Increasing evidence to suggest that health care professionals may be at increased risk for mental illness as a result of this pandemic.

5. New guidelines emerge for providing ICU patients with enteral nutrition, prehospital/en route and in hospital recommendations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, guidance on thrombophylaxis, AKI treatment and crisis symptom management all included in this weekend's update.


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