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May 6 | Daily COVID-19 LST Report

  • An analysis of ultraviolet-C (UVC) decontamination of N95 respirators coated in MRSA or a bacteriophage found high variability of viral or bacterial persistence by different locations on the respirators and reduction levels that did not meet the criteria for decontamination.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

  • The cellular protease Furin, was found to cleave the SARS-CoV-2 S protein S1/S2 multibasic site, which mediates cell to cell fusion and entry into human lung cells. Thus, Furin is suggested for therapeutic potential.

  • In a recent case report, a 47 year old man died from small bowel perforation from acute bowel ischemia secondary to COVID-19. The ischemia was characterized by yellow discoloration, necrosis, with patent mesenteric vasculature, which draws attention to direct tissue injury in the gastrointestinal tract from SARS-CoV-2 and possible microvascular thrombosis.

  • Of the 55 imported cases of COVID-19 detected through mandatory testing in Brunei, almost half were asymptomatic upon entry suggesting that symptom-based screening at entry points will likely miss a large proportion of cases.


20200506 Daily COVID-19 Literature Surve
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