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May 9 | Daily COVID-19 LST Report

A study of viral load in 13 asymptomatic patients that tested positive for COVID-19, demonstrated that in the 3 patients who developed symptoms, the highest viral load generally occurred 2 days prior to symptom onset indicating a high risk of transmission prior to symptoms.

Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash

A case report of a patient who presented with vomiting and abdominal pain after ingesting 10 ml of ethanol-containing hand disinfectant daily for over three weeks. They thought it would prevent COVID-19 infection emphasizes the major health risks of misinformation and increased access to disinfectants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Israeli researchers retrospectively analyzed 14,520 patients that had been screened for COVID-19 and found that Hydroxychloroquine or Colchicine prophylaxis likely had no effect in preventing COVID-19.

20200509 Daily COVID-19 Literature Surve
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