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New Changes to COVID-19 LST!

Dear Beloved Readers,

Firstly, thank you for supporting us and making the work we do meaningful. Having your readership gives a great deal of satisfaction to our contributors, many of whom are medical students juggling classes/rotations/research/extracurriculars/personal lives in addition to volunteering their valuable time with us.

As we continue to evolve, COVID-19 LST has decided to change our publication schedule to every Friday evening (weekly) to produce a more robust and comprehensive report. Therefore we will forego our report today and start the combined weekly report this Friday, April 23. We will also be postponing our daily podcast until further notice since some of our producers/writers are in the chaos of graduating from medical school. If you have any recommendations or suggestions of individuals who may be willing to help us in this regard please feel free to contact us:

Stay informed. Read less. Do more.


Your COVID-19 LST Team


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