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New Projects Ahead for COVID-19 LST

Dear wonderful subscribers,

It has been our pleasure and honor to have been able to stand alongside you virtually during this unprecedented time. When we first began publishing our reports as the Literature Surveillance Team, we were amazed at the positive response we received. Both from all of you, our readers, and from literally hundreds of people around the world who wanted to join the project. These volunteers were mostly medical students and they worked tirelessly and around the clock to provide you with the best BLUFs and the most accurate gradings of the literature possible. We hoped that the pandemic would last weeks, months at most. As medical students began to return to their clerkships and as publications resumed peer review, it occurred to us that the best way for us to continue making a difference now is to shift our focus from evaluating individual papers to sharing what we learned about the inefficiencies in the systems that govern our healthcare and literature publications. Our hope is that we can report and apply our findings so that in the next pandemic, we will have a system that is better equipped to distinguish, grade and evaluate great literature and treat patients.

As such, we will no longer be posting weekly reports. We thank you for your support during the pandemic and we hope that we were able to adequately serve you. Please stay tuned as we share our findings and recommendations.

The world runs on the goodwill and deeds of people who believe in a cause greater than themselves. This is what we believe and if you too want to help us devise a system to get ahead of the next pandemic, please fill out the survey in the “Join us” tab and we would love to welcome you into our family.

On behalf of the LST, Jasmine Rah and Will Smith


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