November 25 | Daily COVID-19 LST Report

Transmission & Prevention

· A review by biomedical engineers in Canada discusses the possibility of using animal models including rhesus macaques, hamsters, and ferrets to help guide research on COVID-19 vaccine development. They also describe 8 current vaccine platforms, including 139 vaccine candidates in pre-clinical evaluation and 26 in clinical evaluation, and highlight the importance of introducing an effective COVID-19 vaccine to return to pre-pandemic life.


· Emergency Medicine and Cardiovascular physicians from Mayo Clinic conduct a review reporting an increased risk of cardiac involvement in athletes with COVID-19: they discuss how 10-27.8% of all hospitalized COVID-19 patients have evidence of myocardial injury, of these 78% have arrhythmias, and note that myocarditis accounts for up to 22% of cardiac deaths in young athletes (<35 years old) with increased incidence during exercise. They urge screening for cardiac dysfunction in convalescent COVID-19 patients and recommend providers maintain a high index of suspicion before medical clearance of young athletic patients with COVID-19.

Mental Health & Resilience Needs

· Mental health experts performed a systematic review of 44 studies (54,231 participants across 13 countries) assessing the prevalence of sleep problems during the pandemic and found pooled prevalence of sleep problems was 35.7%, with COVID-19 patients being most affected (74.8%), followed by healthcare workers (36%), and the general public (32.3%), suggesting that sleep problems are common during the pandemic, particularly among COVID-19 patients, and encourage implementing strategies to mitigate adverse effects in these populations.

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